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spunkrp's Journal

Spunk - Queer As Folk RP
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This is a community centered around a Queer As Folk RP. It is intended to be for the handlers of characters only. If you would like to send feedback to those who write the characters, please address their personal fake LJ for an email address.

The FJs usernames are...
Brian - white_party
Justin - _elsewhere
Michael - nogoodatnames
Ted - verdi_fan
Emmett - nellyqueen
Ben - zen_ben
Melanie - _analytical_
Lindsey - _earthmother_

MEMBERS: Please friend the community with both your LJ (or your RP-centered LJ, if you have one) and your character's. Please feel free to use it for communicating with other members of the RP, explaining plot lines everyone needs to know that cannot/will not be written about in your character's LJ, and/or asking QaF-related questions if you're unsure about something.

NON-MEMBERS: Please feel free to check out the LJs above. If interested in participating in the RP, send an email with your name, username, desired character (one that is not taken please), and a small sample of/link to your work... a LJ post or fic. Send this email to shutyourmouth77@yahoo.com