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09:17pm 10/03/2004
  ben-shaped person? where are ye?  
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09:06pm 10/03/2004
  Party has been set for Friday :)  
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11:47pm 07/03/2004
  Okay, I kind of threw Mel and Linds' party out there, but didn't specify when it was. So, uh, ideas? I won't be able to RP tomorrow night, but I'm game for any other night this week.

~~Kat (AKA Linds, for those who don't know me :))
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01:17pm 01/03/2004
  Hey everyone, I'm Eri and I'm playing Melanie.

I just wanted to extend an offer to y'all, since this is a small community.

I make icons, do journal layouts, etc etc. I have an icon journal (currently on hiatus), and an icon community, and I think I'm being modest to say that I'm not too bad at it.

So if anyone here wants a set of 3 icons, or a layout for their journal, just let me know. In this post is a good place to do it. I can do headers or backgrounds, whichever you like.

That's all. Yay for starting the RP!